Welcome – Talking about Schools 2015

Talking about Schools 2015: Welcome to Discover

In winter 2015, we invited you to Join the Conversation and share your thoughts with Thoughtexchange about what the district and our 26 schools are doing well, where we can improve and what we might be missing.


We then invited you to review the thoughts shared and put stars next to the ideas you believed were most important. The goal is to get a sense of shared values and priorities for schools and district. This feedback is vital to our continuous improvement work.

The districtwide results are rich with thousands of thoughts and stars you and your neighbors shared. You can also see individual school results to get a sense of the shared values and priorities at each school.

If you’re one of the thousands of parents, staff, students and community members who Joined the Conversation, thank you for your time and thoughtful participation. If you missed the winter 2015 process, we will launch another in fall 2015.

If you are a parent or guardian of a student or a staff member, make sure your contact information is up to date at your schools so you don’t miss the fall 2015 invitation.

If you are a community member who would like to be part of the next community conversation, sign up with Thoughtexchange.

This first Thoughtexchange digital conversation of 2015 is one more community engagement activity in the school board’s long history of collaborating with our community. Our school board is committed to a broad selection of ongoing, electronic and in-person engagement methods.

More than 4,000 community members, parents, students and staff shared more than 7,411 thoughts about the district through the innovative Thoughtexchange technology. We are pleased to share with you the categories of your thoughts and what you appreciate about our schools and the district and what you consider priorities for our continuous improvement.

Thank you for engaging and sharing your thoughts with us. Your thoughts are valuable, insightful and extremely helpful. We plan to launch another Thoughtexchange process in fall 2015, incorporating some of the topics you presented for us this spring.

Gary Cohn

Our stakeholders appreciate:

  • School culture and atmosphere
  • Academics and programming
  • Technology for school and academic management
  • Communication: teachers and parent/student

Areas where we can improve:

  • Funding and budget
  • Class size: individualized attention
  • Food program
  • Facilities and infrastructure
  • Academics and programming

*Although it was not among the top five themes in the thousands of comments, participants did share thoughts about the Community Resource Center (CRC). Those varied from enthusiastic support to expressions of distrust about the center and a lack of faith resulting from its construction. The very existence of CRC-related comments indicates the building is on peoples’ minds, and there are lessons to be learned.


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