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Technology for Student Learning 2015: Welcome to Discover

“Thank you for engaging and sharing your thoughts with us in the district’s second Thoughtexchange process. Your thoughts are valuable, insightful and extremely helpful.

This fall almost 3,000 people shared thoughts about school technology. The very existence of this innovative Thoughtexchange technology to engage the community exemplifies how important it is for our communities’ children to have equitable technology access in schools and at home.


To be college and career ready, students must know how to communicate, collaborate, create and think critically – to access and use existing knowledge and information to generate new knowledge and to solve real life problems. Our students must be future ready.

As many noted in Thoughtexchange comments, technology “enriches” learning; it does not replace quality teachers and the important adult mentors in students’ lives. Technology allows thousands to collaborate and share ideas; it does not replace face-to-face gatherings and opportunities to build understanding.

Our school board is committed to collaboration – both in public meetings and ‘virtually’ through Thoughtexchange and other technologies. You can learn more about the board’s history of collaboration and upcoming engagement activities on the web.

Response from the community was affirming and is providing a wealth of input for our schools. This Technology for Student Learning process is invaluable to help meet the technology needs for our students and we encourage you to dig into the results over the next few pages to see what your community is thinking and feeling.

The time spent by our community to engage in this process is deeply appreciated.”

Dr. Gary Cohn
Everett Public Schools

What our stakeholders appreciate about how technology might change student learning:

  • Prepare for the future
  • Access to information
  • Individualized education
  • Enhance learning experience
  • Learning environment

Areas for concerns about how technology might change student learning:

  • Communication, human connection and interaction
  • Learn the basics
  • Access to technology in school
  • Student-teacher interaction
  • Professional development for staff
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